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Psy Satanology Bug (?)

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Psy Satanology Bug (?) Empty Psy Satanology Bug (?)

Post  Yuu Himura on Fri Apr 09, 2010 6:44 pm

Well i dont know what happends, cuz i have my Master psy Yuux training whit the Satanalogy skill who stops some moobs to move, attack and more so u can attak him for long range skills (magic) at least when i be normal psy (now i'm Master psy) the skill works great but now when i used the time unleas from 40 sec (skill efect) works only 10 sec and then the moob attak me again so i can lvl up good i know when ill be not Master the skills works great but now i dont know what happend...

Anyway, i wanna know why some moobs dont drop me the accs types??? i kill 10-50 of one type and dont droped me the acc only MS-SS, Penya, Cards, Equip and Weaps but not Accs why happend this anda why the delay on skills and cast are so hig too D: thanks for answed me..
Yuu Himura
Yuu Himura

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