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Cant leave the Guild im in

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Cant leave the Guild im in

Post  Balmung on Sat Apr 10, 2010 9:52 am

Soo....The Problem is I cant leave the Guild im in cause i got a Rank.
If I rightclick my name and Leave a Message Box appears and says I cant leave right now.
Normaly the Guildmaster would just kick me or delete the rank so i could leave.
The Problem is, our Guildmaster quited playing since the last DDoS Attack thing and nobody can kick me now. I asked some GM's but they couldnt help me, I even asked Kaos and he said he cant help.
Wheres the Problem? Just kick me outta this Guild.
When I played other Pserver the GM's were able to kick me out of a Guild too, so why you cant just do the same and kick me outta this Guild? It really sucks to be in a Guild that got 49member and only 2-3members are online cause the rest quited the Game. I really like the Server and dont wanna quit cause of this shitty problem, but if the GM's/Admins arent able to help me with this small problem , then wtf we got GM's for ? Spawning CW's @ arena which crash the server ? I dont understand it and dont wanna be rude or something , I really like one of the GM's but as a GM you should be able to do that kind of stuff ^^
Btw the Guildname is GermanDream and my IG name is Balmung.
Hope you'll help me now ..



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