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GM Application Empty GM Application

Post  mike2128 on Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:44 pm

Full Name :Paul Michael S. Pura

Age :28

Sex :Male

Country (With + - GMT) :+08:00 Philippines

Education :Com Programmer Tech

Active E-Mail Adress

High Level Languages:Tagalog English

Expirence On Other MMORPG Games (with year/month/week) :since 2001

Position Of Other MMORPG Games (H-GM/GM/MOD/DEV/ADMIN) :im GM in ragnarok for 4yrs and im also work in company in netgames

How Long Did You Played Flyff : almost 6yrs and this 2010 im back to playing flyff

In Game Nick ( Give Us One Nickname ) :Niekel

Why We Need To Choose You :I'm very good with players, and can understand everyones point of view, I've been told by players that I'm a great Gm. I love helping people with there problems, mainlly because I know all the problems players will come accross from a good uinderstanding of the server's workings.


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