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Game Master Application.

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Game Master Application. Empty Game Master Application.

Post  Apli on Tue Mar 23, 2010 8:10 pm

Full Name : Tamara From Poland Surprised

Age : 19 y

Sex :Female

Country (With + - GMT) :Poland gmmt+1

Education :Atm Studies History

Active E-Mail Adress :

High Level Languages: polish 100% english 98 % Ger 50%

Expirence On Other MMORPG Games (with year/month/week) :
Iv Been Playing eFlyFF Since v9-v12 And Enjoyed Play,But i though the lvling was to slow so i desided to quit and start at private server`s(Been playing private servers for a year now)
online 5-8h weeks more :d

Rappelz 2 years
Mu online 0,5 y

Position Of Other MMORPG Games (H-GM/GM/MOD/DEV/ADMIN) :Chat mod or Gm :]

How Long Did You Played Flyff :total 5 years ._.

In Game Nick ( Give Us One Nickname ) : Hiii or Tamara

Why We Need To Choose You : Embarassed I can help on manny kinda way`s.
I have alot off experience with all i need to become a GM.
Sutch as MySQL,Database,Website,Tool`s,Server Stuff`s..And Bug`s..
What I can do:

I have been GM 2-3 times. I helped players with questions, I made a lot of fun events such as Hide n Seek, Level/Location of Mob etc. with great prices.

I'm pretty sick and tired of immature GMs, and I want to be one of those you can trust and not be annoyed of.

Hope You Guys Enjoyed My Application!




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