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Jack's GM Application

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Jack's GM Application Empty Jack's GM Application

Post  jrlando on Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:36 pm

Name:Jack Laurence T. Bush


Age:19 years old


Language:English,A little bit of spanish

About me:
I'm studying for Character Designer (ATM I'm only at the drawning part, I don't know how to use all the programs yet), I'm very social,
and i love to help people with their problems. In the big down times of FFD, I checked out the forums, posted some guides etc.. I've always been active
on the server even if it wasn't online.

MMORPG's Played:Lineage 2 (since launch on P2p Till Interlude. after that Pservers, Perfect world International, Allods online,
World of warcraft Pservers, Runescape/RS pservers, Rappelz, Ether Sage online And very much other games.. I'm not goin to say them all..

Flyff Experience
I played eFlyff since V2 till V13 (lvl 114-M Blader). It was getting boring,
cause the leveling was really slow. So I started looking for A Private Server.
I found FlyForFame.. It was a fun server but I didn't had alot of Friends on that server... So I Quit.
I Found FlyForTrouble.. Great server had alot of fun.. but it lagged to much for me.
Started Looking again, I found FlyForBliss. A Really good server.. with much nice people and friends.. Played it for a long time.
Started Looking Again,I found KAOS flyff,So i wanted to became a GM because this is a very good server and i can support this legally.

GM experience:
I was GM on 2 Pretty Popular servers, FlyForLove and FlyForFall...
I hosted A v12 server with A friend. We had much players, and 24/7 Uptime, It was really fun, but I had to shut it down
cause 2 developers ruined the server with Customs etc.. And I was XAT moderator on 2 boxes and on 1 box Co-owner

Hours online Time: In school weeks: 3-6 hours and in the weekends: 3-14 hours (I will tell when I'm on Holiday)
XAT Box Online Time: If im on my PC im online at xat.

Guides: I already have 5 guides up (when I made this application). Much more guides to come. u guys can always give me a subject and i try to make a good guide of it Razz.

If you hire me just find my in game name(IGN):Lacotte

Best Regards,


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