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Application ??

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Application ?? Empty Application ??

Post  Raishin on Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:15 am

Still Hiring ?
By The Way .

Full Name :Danica Celis

Age : 17

Sex : Female

Country (With + - GMT) : Philippines GMT+8

Education : 2nd Year College Student . BSBA

Active E-Mail Adress :

High Level Languages: English , Latin (some)

Experience On Other MMORPG Games (with year/month/week) : Flyff(January 2008-????) cabal(November2009-January2010).

Position Of Other MMORPG Games (H-GM/GM/MOD/DEV/ADMIN) :Flyff Nitak*GAME MASTER. OCEAN CABAL*GAME MASTER(for 2 months only . cause the server sucks. so laggy.)

How Long Did You Played Flyff : i think 2 years ?

In Game Nick ( Give Us One Nickname ) : not yet Registered . but you can call me Raishin Smile

Why We Need To Choose You : i'm the kind of strict when it comes in game hack/scams/disrespect . but friendly when you are friendly too :} i think thats the reason why you need to choose me .

BTW :>


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